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Gillian is fantastic!! Saved me from killer migraines. Made both my newborns so much more comfortable when their little newborn tummies were finding it tough. Cannot recommend Gill highly enough!! Love the treatments.



My 4 mth old little man and I owe a huge thank you to Gill for making pregnancy and the first few months a much happier time for all. All I can say is my pregnancy aches and pains were lifted leaving me feeling so much more energetic. Along with curing my specific rib pain, cranio-sacral therapy eased a generally difficult pregnancy. And when little man arrived she came to the rescue- easing annoying colic that the whole family was suffering from! Gill also treated my 8 year old with ongoing tummy pains and hugely eased symptoms for her. I would highly recommend a visit for everyone and would go so far as to say it should be a compulsory therapy while pregnant and for newborns. Go, and enjoy.


I attended Gillian Lee with my 9 week old baby. She had been unsettled since birth due to reflux. I was not happy to start medications and so I went to Gillian on the recommendation of a friend. From start to finish I felt at ease in Gillians company and the sessions were very beneficial to me from a relaxation view-point. She has a way with babies that makes them relax also. After 3 sessions there was a definite improvement. She still is physically refluxing but it doesnt upset her as it used to. She is a more settled baby in general since meeting Gillian. I found it a lovely bonding experience and was sad in ways when Gillian said she didn't need to see us anymore! Gillians own experience as a mother also shines through.


After months of pestering my doctor and the local health nurse I finally got an appointment to see the HSE baby doctor in Glanmire. She examined my now 6 month old baby and told me that there are 2 grades of severity given to plagiocephaly, 'mild to moderate' and 'moderate to severe' and that my daughter was the latter. She told me there was no treatment available from the HSE and she gave me a number for a clinic that makes  'The Helmet' . Interested I researched and decided it was a horrific treatment for such a young child as It would be tight and would have to be worn 23 hours a day for at least 6 months.

Luckily I was given the name Gillian Lee from my mums neighbour Maureen. I made an appointment to see Gillian soon after and I'm so glad I did. The treatments were gentle and even though the baby's head would really heat up it never upset her and she always slept great after. I've been taking my baby girl to see Gillian for 6 months now and I'm delighted with the results.

I could see noticeable improvement from about 6 weeks and I was delighted when people commented on the visible difference, We have just finished up treatments now and although not perfectly round my little girls head is a much nicer shape and from the front her head looks perfect. I would definitely recommend Gillians' treatment to anyone with a Flathead baby.