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What is Neural Manipulation?

Neural Manipulation is part of the Barral visceral manipulation workshop curriculum .It was developed by French osteopaths Jean Pierre Barral and Alain Crobier who have developed manual therapy principles for creating freedom of movement within the nervous system.

Neural Manipulation technique combines precisely applied light pressure and passive movement to restore normal flow and function of the nerve. Nerves get “ irritated “ when they are compressed, but like to be stretched, but to achieve the end result, a light touch is required.

The effect is that the connective tissue surrounding the nerve is less restricted and pressure on the nerve is lessened.

A nerve only functions correctly when it is able to move freely within its surrounding structures. This makes a lot of sense when the end result for compromised nerve function usually results in restriction of movement, e.g. stiff neck, sore shoulder, and these restrictions manifest with pain.

Neural Fixation

When there is a restriction in or around a nerve it is fair to say that it is “fixed“. In other words, it is stuck, and it has lost the ability to stretch or glide. Nerves don’t function well when they are compromised in this way. Excessive stretch or pressure on a nerve results in pain…a feeling common to many of us at some point !

Intra-neural pressure can also be increased leading to flow and conductivity of a nerve. Constant pressure on a nerve in this way, can lead to fibrotic changes inside the nerve. This isn’t great news for the nerves and surrounding tissues, joints and organ function, as the body accommodates to restriction and creates dysfunctional pathways and patterns, often apparent when pain holds an area of the body in an awkward way.

What are the benefits of Neural Manipulation?

The benefits of Neural Manipulation are often more than just directly helping the site of pain. The effects often extend beyond this area to globally help better functioning of the whole body.

Neural manipulation can have a reflexogenic effect on other areas of the body through the central and peripheral nervous system The beauty of working with nerves is finding the area dysfunction, and releasing it. For example, nerve restriction in the neck area can affect elbow and wrist function and painful “spots” may be a result of nerve dysfunction along the way. By gently and precisely working with nerves, reduction of pain, vascular improvement and range of movement may all be positively affected.

Similarly, knee pain may also be alleviated by working with nerves of the peripheral nervous system. Sciatic pain, often felt down the leg, may be helped by working on a fixation closer to the spine.

Neural Manipulation is a light and precise treatment. This makes it very suitable for injuries of a traumatic nature when there is heightened sensitivity to touch, being very gentle and subtle. Similarly, chronic conditions that have been present for a long time, such as frozen shoulder syndromes may also be helped.

Reduction of pain, postural improvement, mobility and coordination are all benefits of neural manipulation

Nerves…. Freedom to Function Well….. Neural Manipulation